Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers: Final Scores, Results and Analysis

The Chicago Bears lost 27-10 against the Green Strait Packers late Sunday as Green Sound extended their new winning streak to seven.

The Packers currently lead an unbeaten series of 104-95-6 over the Bears.

After a staggering first drive, the Bears offense slowed and could not make more than seven places in the main run.

Green Sound scored 21 focuses in the second quarter, as the Chicago safety spent practically the entirety of the first half on the field.

The offense looked alive in the final quarter when David Montgomery and Khalil Herbert began to break down giant moves against the Green Narrows protection.

Montgomery increased several times on the drive for 59 yards, and Herbert reported twice for 33 yards.

Unfortunately, the Bears' rebound efforts were ended by a suspicious reversal of Justin Fields' score from the Packers' 1-yard line on the fourth down.

After a turnover at Downs, Green Strait assembled a ten-play, 89-yard drive that ended with Bricklayer Crosby's 28-yard field objective to give the Packers a 27โ€“10 lead.

The Bears would receive the ball with a little more than two minutes into play before Fields tossed Jair Alexander in a block attempt, fixing the Green Sound triumph.