Bullying Tragedy: Blake Harding's Heartbreaking Suicide, Echoing Jaylee's Story Β | October 25th, 2023

In a small Kansas town, tragedy strikes again as another young life is lost.Β 

One month after 14-year-old Jaylee Chillson's heartbreaking suicide, a 15-year-old named Blake Harding follows the same path.Β 

Both teens suffered unbearable bullying at Clay Center Community Middle School.Β 

Blake's mother and grandmother reveal the chilling details of his final moments.Β 

A simple stomach ache became a prelude to a terrible decision.Β 

The anguish of leaving her son behind weighs heavily on Blake's mother.Β 

Snapchat reveals Blake's distress, prompting an urgent call to action.Β 

Tragedy strikes, and the small community is left heartbroken once again.Β 

A history of relentless bullying unfolds, causing immense pain to the young boy.Β 

Despite their pleas, the school and community fail to address the bullying epidemic.Β