Brentford vs Arsenal Football: Match Scores, Results & Analysis

After Sunday's 3-0 win at Brentford, Weapons Store relegated Manchester City to the highest point of the head association table.

Brentford had no reaction as the guests closed with a decent success before the global break.

He could manage to cost teenager Ethan Navaneri's injury-time advantage, with the 15-year-old Chiefs becoming the association's youngest player ever.

Brentford, in the attack with Britain's new kid Ivan Toney, made four improvements of his own, yet they fell behind on 16 minutes when Saliba was most notable for pointing from a corner.

After a short pause, while Objective Line Innovations checked whether the ball had gone in, Saliba praised his second aim at the time.

Brentford, who beat Weapons Store 2-0 in their first head association match last season, was a world away from such an exhibition here, with Aaron Ramsdale not bothering at all.

The home team was eliminated on 49 minutes when Vieira received a pass from Bukayo Saka and sent a dazzling drive past Raya to seal their opening start in some style.

Brentford manager Thomas Forthcoming said: "We lost the game, I despise losing.

The arms shop face a north London derby stalemate, while third-placed Tottenham once again make a home football return after a break, while Brentford are at Bournemouth.