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Bimbisara Movie Review & Release: Enjoy the fantasy of time travel

By Hardik Wasanwal

Bimbisaar is all set to release in theaters today. With the increasing craze of South Indian films in the Hindi belt, it is expected that the upcoming film will be able to captivate the audience.

Bimbisara was the ruler of the Magatha kingdom of the 5th century BC. Sunil Dutt played the role of Ajatashatru in Vyjayanthimala starrer "Amrapali" in Hindi. Ajatashatru's father was Bimbisara. That's the history.

Judging by the title, if you think this is a historical film then you will be wrong. It has nothing to do with this movie. The title is given because it sounds good and the historical name is catchy. Simply put, Rajamouli's RRR deals with Alluri as Sitaramaraj and Komuram as Bheem.

Seeing the trailer, many people felt that Magadhirani and Bahubali have been copied. However, there was no one who wanted Kalyan Ram to get the fruits of his hard work.

In the 5th century BC, Bimbisara, the most famous ruler of the Trigartha kingdom, expanded the kingdom with conquests, persecuted those who turned against him, and killed innocent people for petty reasons, if he did not like it. . , It is his routine to pass the time with alcohol and liquor.

Meanwhile, a vertical mirror named Mayadarpanam comes into the story. It has the power to add time. Bimbisara did not know this.

On one occasion, this human form Bimbisara even challenges the Supreme Soul. They say that there is no power in the universe to control them. Madameka killed a small child.

"Magadheera" is remembered as the story between the days of the kings and the present. It stars Ayyappa Sharma as Rao Ramesh. Like there villain, here also villain is used in the present tense. But the Magadheera concept of reincarnation. It's not like this.