Roger Federer

Big news about the retirement of world tennis star Roger Federer

By Hardik Wasanwal

Roger Federer tennis star has made a big announcement, what is he going to retire

Tennis star Roger Federer one of the best known players in the world

World tennis star Federer released a video message on Thursday, saying that I have played more than 15 hundred matches in 24 years.

The next theater event is set to take place in London next week, with Federer making an important announcement about when it will be his last label

World tennis star Roger Federer has won 20 Grand Slam singles titles, including eight at Wimbledon, which is a huge record in itself.

Roger Federer has won a total of over 100 titles during his lifetime. You set a record of 1251 - 275 stating that he never retired from a match in a Kalia doubles

Roger Federer has made his special image in the world as a flamboyant player with his special skills, passion, you are recognized by every player in the world.

Roger Federer recorded 41 consecutive match wins in his career which began a year after winning 24 straight tournament finals till 2013