Bad Bunny: 'SNL' with Pedro Pascal, Mick Jagger, and Lady Gaga

Page 1: Bad Bunny's "SNL" Gig with Star-Studded Appearance Bad Bunny hosted "Saturday Night Live" with surprise guests: Pedro Pascal, Mick Jagger, and Lady Gaga.

Page 2: A Humorous Start Bad Bunny addressed language concerns with Pedro Pascal translating his monologue.

Page 3: Hilarious Skit Pascal joined Bad Bunny in a skit where they played skeptical family members.

Page 4: A Rock 'n' Roll Return Mick Jagger made a comeback to "SNL" during a telenovela skit with Bad Bunny.

Page 5: Jagger's Iconic Moment Jagger settled a fight in the skit with a slap and joined in a "Sister Act 3" parody.

Page 6: Musical Guest Appearance Lady Gaga introduced Bad Bunny's performance of "Un Preview."

Page 7: Pascal's Introduction Pascal introduced Bad Bunny's second performance of "Monaco."

Page 8: Afterparty Vibe Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner attended an "SNL" afterparty, sparking rumors.

Page 9: A Stylish Pair The duo's outings together have made them the faces of a Gucci campaign.