Page 1: Auckland's Council Delays Māori Ward Until 2028 

Page 2: Auckland Council Votes 11-9 Against Māori Ward Proposal 

Page 3:  Mayor Wayne Brown's Alternative Proposal Passes with 13-8 Votes 

Page 4:  Māori Seats Delayed Until 2028; Only Two Councillors Dissent 

Page 5: Mixed Opinions from Public Submissions on Māori Seats 

Page 6: Councillor Mike Lee Supports Mayor's Research Proposal 

Page 7: 68% of Public Against Māori Seats and Independent Māori Statutory Board 

Page 8:  Calls for Further Engagement with Māori to Clarify Their Desires 

Page 9:  Opponents Suggest Waiting for Central Government's Makeup 

Page 10: Councillors Disappointed by Decision to Delay Māori Ward Until 2028