Alyssa Nakken: Pioneering Giants Manager Aspire to Rewrite MLB History

Friday, 13 October 2023 Date in Washington, DC, USAΒ 

Page 2: "A Hometown Hero" Alyssa hails from Woodland, California, making her a local star.

Page 3: "From Woodland High to the Big Leagues" Alyssa's sports journey began at Woodland High School in 2008.

Page 4: "The College Years" Discover Alyssa's college softball career at Sacramento State.

Page 5: "The Stats and Accolades" Alyssa Nakken's impressive .304 batting average and All-Pacific Coast Softball Conference recognition.

Page 6: "The Giant Leap" Alyssa's internship with the Giants' baseball operations department in 2014.

Page 7: "Mastering Sports Management" Alyssa's remarkable academic achievement – earning a master's degree from the University of San Francisco

Page 8: "A Coaching Trailblazer" Alyssa Nakken's historic promotion to the major league coaching staff in 2020.

Page 9: "A Quest for History" Alyssa Nakken's groundbreaking journey to become the first female manager in baseball history.

Page 10: "The Challenge Ahead" The hurdles Alyssa faces on her path to making history with the Giants.