Alex Murdaugh told the court that he had made more than 100 allegation



Page 1: Introduction

Alex Murdaugh pleads guilty to 100 crimes, revealing a shocking descent from a South Carolina legal dynasty.

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Murdaugh's luxury life crumbles; guilty of murdering wife and son, two life sentences served.

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Dark past: Maggie and Paul Murdaugh's brutal murders, two life sentences, and a maximum-security prison.

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Imprisoned for heinous crimes, Murdaugh faces more allegationsβ€”embezzlement, fraud, and a tarnished legal dynasty exposed.

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Prosecutors unveil Murdaugh's $8.3 million scheme, abusing power and influence to embezzle from friends and clients.

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Clients accuse Murdaugh of betrayal as legal practice tainted, revealing a once-revered attorney's fall from grace.

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In a courtroom shocker, Murdaugh pleads guilty to 100 financial crimes, unraveling a web of deceit and theft.

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Post-guilty plea, Murdaugh's lawyers fight murder conviction appeal, alleging jury tampering and improper court influence.