ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship 2022 Fight Highlights

The first second round of Las Vegas ADCC Fight 2022 Highlights ended in an interesting game.

The player is putting all his strength to become the leader of this interesting match.

No Gree Grappler will take on Gordon Ryan, the most influential fight of the current era.

The ADCC Fight 2022 World Championship will be held in Las Vegas this weekend, with more than 100 fighters taking part, see how powerful your fighting cone is.

These players will stand a chance to win the most prestigious title in the great match. The competition is going to be very tough.

The contestants are either the returning champion trial winners, or BJJ stars who have been called a special for the sport.

Eight contestants will take part in the two divisions each. After that full or open tournaments will start.

In this tournament match, you will get to see a very super dupan championship match when two dangerous players will clash with each other.