5 year old boy stabs his twin brother to death in California



Page 1: Introduction

California family tragedy: 5-year-old fatally stabs twin during fight in rural Scotts Valley. Unimaginable grief engulfs the community.

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Sheriff's announcement rocks social media. Twin brothers' altercation turns deadly with a small kitchen knife. Community support floods in.

Page 3:

Scotts Valley horror: 5-year-old's tragic act. Kitchen knife turns sibling dispute fatal. Community stunned by the heartbreaking incident.

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Deputies respond swiftly. Rushed to the hospital, the victim succumbs. Unthinkable loss leaves the community grappling with grief.

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Sheriff's condolences pour in. Shared sorrow grips the community. The tragic incident sparks an outpouring of support for the grieving family.

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Investigation unfolds: 5-year-old unknowingly commits the act. No charges filed. The family and community grapple with the profound tragedy.

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Penal Code 26 cited. Under-14 presumption explained. State's 2019 policy prevents juvenile justice for children under 12.Β