4.4 magnitude earthquake strikes northern California, damage reported

The quake was focused in St Nick Rosa, which is a little more than 50 miles north of San Francisco.

The 4.4 quake, which struck around 6:39 p.m. PT was immediately trailed by a 3.9 size one, as per the San Francisco Narrative. The focal point was 4.66 miles underground.

C alifornia's initial seismic tremor ready framework conveyed alarms to individuals in San Francisco over 18 seconds before the quake hit.

The neighborhood was at the time and centered in St. Nick's Rosa, California, a piece of San Andreas lacking infrastructure, Rogers Spring Separation Point about 50 miles north of San Francisco.

P hotos from St Nick Rosa showed things knocked off racks, broke walls and other minor harm.

The St Nick Rosa Local group of fire-fighters said that they needed to answer a few reports of gas spills, yet that nobody was harmed.

The tremors, which were felt as far north as the Mendocino District and as far south as the St. Nick Clara area, threw pictures off walls, as did paper and the U.S.

St. Rosa A 4.4-degree seismic quake in northern California set off a broad gas spill Tuesday night, the smell of gas, cautions went off and lifts were stuck, as per a gathering of nearby firemen.